Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

Tiziana Piccioni

Her fields of study concerns in particular the socio-technical innovation processes. After graduating in Sociology at the University of Padua, she obtained a PhD in Communication and New Technologies, cycle XXVI, at the IULM University of Milan, working especially with the in-depth interview, the ethnographic observation and the content analysis in research on socio-technical innovation and on both traditional and digital media, especially social media. Currently one of the issues on which she is researching concerns the media representations of the extreme violence against women, within the national research project "Social representations of violence against women: the case of femicide in Italy", collaborating with the University of Padua.
In the field of innovation, she also dealt with the distribution of agri-food products, studying the evolution of the raw milk case over the years from the point of view of the human and non-human networks that allowed the articulation of a new way of consumption and partially redefined some sets of social relationships, but also from the point of view of the critical issues that led to the failure of this innovation. It is exactly here that her journey intersected the field of social research for design.
Latest publications:
- 2020, Inexperienced, Addicted, at Risk. How Young People Describe Their Parents’ Use of Digital Media (co-authors M.C. Scarcelli, R. Stella) in ITALIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION, 12(1):270-292;
- 2019, Practice Theory and Media Infrastructures: "Infrastructural Disclosures" in Smartphone Use (co-author P. Magaudda). Sociologica, [S.l.] 13(3): 45-58;
- 2019, “How I learned to stop worrying and love the smartphone”: Mobile Technologies and the Re-Composition of Smartphone Collective Practices (co-authors P. Magaudda, M.C. Scarcelli) in MEDIA EDUCATION, 10(1):41-58;
- 2019, La famiglia mediata. I passaggi d’uso tra media tradizionali e media digitali nella percezione di un gruppo di studenti universitari (co-author R. Stella) in GRUPPI/GROUPS, 1(2019):95-110.
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