Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

Artistic Drawing 2019

Study Programme

BA Major Art


BA Practice Based Course



Summer semester

The course Artistic Drawing 1 and 2 should be focused essentially on three themes:
A Observe closely: What I see, I can represent
B Sketching: drawings as a communication tool
C The sketchbook: a diary of drawings and notes

A Observe closely:
The student should acquire the ability to draw after tridimensional patterns and models. Preponderant will be the nude-painting. The human body is for me the most perfect and ideal “object” to learn precise watching, observing and drawing. In the first lessons, the student will be told about the personal development of drawing in a human being and – starting of this perception – begin with first simple exercises, for example, “blind” drawing. Then, during the nude-drawing – we will insert exercises who facilitate the apprehension of drawing: “blind drawing”, distortion, extension, … Stauchung, shadows, contouring, the object in a room, horizon, drawing with pencils and brushes, drawing with fingers and feed, using colors, tridimensional representations of a human figure with clay, etc. 2/9 Beside pencils of different hardness there will be used all kinds of pencils you can imagine. Specific materials for modeling and painting will be taken to the course on your own, previous announcement.

B Sketching:
from the idea to the drawing. Sketching means for me a reflecting or contemplating drawing, a search-movement. An idea, mostly blurry in our imagination, something we only could guess, will be brought to paper and turn visible. Between the impalpable imagination and the sketch stays the drawing process, that gives a chance to the idea.

C The sketchbook:
a diary of drawings and notes. The drawings open new (thinking-) rooms, exteriors, and interiors. It’s a conscious involvement with the world around us. A sketchbook is the best tool for it. Themes: drawing tools, drawing technics, pictorial design, perspective, rooms, landscapes, nature, architecture, city, people, animals.