Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

Design and Production

Study Programme

MA Eco-Social Design


MA Practice Based Course



Summer semester

This course is focused on supporting the development of practical skills and hands-on experiences, aiming to build up a base of knowledge and understanding concerning the aspects of (un)making from self-built tools to industrial production systems in the context of design.

Unlike developing a single product the course focuses on getting to know different ways of making through inspiring case studies, hands-on exercises, group discussions and creative methods for problem solving and solution finding for current and future design projects.

The end is the beginning. This semester we took the end of the lifecycle – characterized by collection, deconstruction and recycling – as a starting point for individual student projects including the tear-down of products for a better understanding of both making and unmaking things.

Many thanks to our collaborators from the Materials Workshop (Eva) and BITZ fablab (Kathrin, Uwe and Ava) for making these projects possible and enjoyable for everyone involved. Another thanks to Marie for co-organizing the project speed dating with the Social Interaction Design course takers and, last but not least, the waste management company LAMAFER for giving us an in-depth look at the world of recycling in a group excursion.

Press release: The end is the beginning