Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

WUP - Visual Communication 20/21
1st-semester foundation course

Study Programme

BA Major Design


BA Design Warm-Up – Foundation Course



Winter semester

The 1st semester, the so-called »WUP« or Warm-Up Semester is an interdisciplinary design foundation course. The WUP semester for the Major in Design is divided into two teaching modules: »Visual Communication« and »Product Design«.

WUP – Visual Communication 20/21

In the WUP »Visual Communication« the students had to design four exercises:

Module 1. Digital Drawing Basics
»Design Classic«. Learning to create vector graphics and executive drawings with the software Adobe Illustrator.

Module 2. Typeface Design Basics
Advanced digital drawing. Designing a Serif and Sans Serif editable Open Type | OTF font, with the software Adobe Illustrator and FontSelf.

Module 3. Typeface Specimen
Learning to present, explain, and layout the 2 Typefaces (Serif and Sans Serif Font), in a simple print-booklet with the software Adobe InDesign.

Module 4. Fundamentals of Editorial Design
Learning how to design a more complex print publication: Layout grids, typographical basics, and layout with the software Adobe InDesign. The students have chosen the topic of their publication according to their interests. The content (text – image) was either created by the students themselves or carefully researched.

WUP Project Assistants – Visual Communication
the 1st-semester students of the Foundation Design Course WUP-VC were tutored by:

Emilio Grazzi

Andreas Trenker