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Peace of mind

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BA Product Design Project




How can we create lightness in the field of mental heath disorders?

Peace of mind – your personal mental health jewelry set

“Peace of mind” is a little and hidden helper with a huge impact. It`s especially for anxiety designed jewelry. The basis are beautiful decent designed rings and earrings, with different materials and colors. You can`t just only adjust the jewelry after your personal taste, but most importantly after you very own anxiety needs and journey. The rings and earrings are part of a portable little box, with very conscious picked helping tools. Those objects are easily exchangeable and added to your ring or earrings. They are joined with magnets and will stay on your jewelry the whole day long. But if you find yourself in a situation of anxiety, you can remove the objects in seconds from the jewelry and hold on to them. Their surfaces and scents calm you down, give you comfort, distract you from your raising mind, and offer one single connection to focus on to get you back in touch with yourself. The basis stays always the same, the option tools are changing with you. The Box will offer you everything to become the creator of your very own anxiety helper and your way to recovery.