Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

Protected: Design A Tree – Just Apple


BA Design Warm-Up – Foundation Course




Due to tremendously efficient metabolic systems, trees convert almost everything the plants take in into something they can make use of. That’s why we decided to focus on the problem of food waste. One third of the world’s food is being wasted. When food is thrown away it ends up in landfills where it decomposes and releases methane. We chose to focus on apple waste, because in Germany they are on the top of the list of fruits that migrate from the tree directly into the garbage (11 percent, 98,000 tonnes).

“Just apple” is a company only using apples that would otherwise end up in the garbage because they don’t comply with the guidelines. We process the whole apple and produce apple chips, apple juice, apple scrap vinegar as well as the packaging. It is made out of apple paper made from the press residues of our apple juice production. Furthermore we matched the colours of the packagings with the appearance of imperfect apples. Each product looks different in color, just like every apple looks different in nature. “Just apple” is a value-oriented company with focus on sustainability, health and transparency. That‘s why we printed a carbon dioxide equivalent on all of our products . It shows how many kilograms of CO2 the product causes per kilogram. The allegations are based on the different steps in the “life” of the product. In this way, we aim to make the climate impact of products comparable and to make the greenhouse gases produced by a product an integral part of the consumer’s purchasing decision. By scanning the QR code on the packaging the consumer can learn all the information about the product and our values as a company.