Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

Adromus- Smart Face Jewelry for Inclusive Education

Course topic/s

BA Product Design Project




ADROMUS (Adriana – oris – momentum) is a technologic jewelry piece that makes educational learning more accessible to deaf/ hard hearing children and students by recording and simultaneously transmitting on a screen the lips of the speaker.

When speaking directly to a deaf person its important to keep in mind that your lips are being watched and “analysed”, for they can see the words that are being articulated and thus understand better what is being said. This is a problem when it comes to talking to deaf students but not facing them while doing so, for instance, while writing down something on the board and concurrently explaining another thing.  Adromus is therefore inspired by the importance that should always be given to individuals with different abilities, but that very often is overlooked by public, cultural and educational systems.

Taking in account that there’s already a wide variation of existing technologies and aids for everyday life situations which deaf/ hard hearing people have to deal with, I decided to develop a rather delicate but striking-to-the-eye piece of jewelry that followed the natural shape of the human face, and was both bold to wear but easy to work with/ to make it serve it’s purpose. Its aesthetics relate to a futuristic, ergonomic face jewelery design rather than to the ones of a teaching tool/ aid, but it still remains functional and can be identified as innovative and compelling. The three main elements are the iron structure (made by hand and taking in consideration real measures and proportions), the real-time camera attached to it (which works via bluetooth and can be displayed on individual phones or as a projection on a big screen) and finaly the transmission (which work via an app).

The main purpose is therefore to break the barriers between “specialized” schools/ universities for the deaf and the hard hearing and those accessible for the rest, making it possible to give them the opportunity and the support needed to study at whatever institution they decide to study; regardless of their abilities od disabilities