Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

Bauhaus Museum Weimar

Course topic/s

BA Visual Communication Project




Weimar is the city where the Bauhaus was born. The Bauhaus Museum Weimar focuses on the early years of the school’s experience. The Bauhaus has always been a constantly evolving identity, but its aim has always been to build and structure a new form of future. The visual identity therefore focuses on the key concepts of the research carried out by the professors and students on the tools that were used to shape the modern age. In particular the concept of modularity, creation of research spaces and physical spaces. The new visual identity wants to show the ability to imagine new visions of the future and also to share them outside the Bauhaus. The tagline is “create new spaces” and is intended to emphasize the purpose of the Bauhaus in exploring new fields of product design and graphics, and encourages visitors to explore this research which is not over, but these concepts are still valid today.