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Book – Quarantine days: Unjunk your emotions

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BA Visual Communication Project




During quarantine the worries and anxiety for relatives, loved ones and friends were present every day and the days passed extremely slowly. Most of us, including me, felt increasingly stressed and worried and when stressful situations like these arise, people often experience substantial changes to their eating behaviour by eating more and more unhealthy food, so I wondered why this happened. The aim of this book is to understand the reasons why during the dystopian period of quarantine we went through this year, we were more likely to relieve negative emotions and feelings, such as stress, anxiety, boredom and insecurity, through junk food. This book does not pretend to provide solutions on how to stop eating junk food, instead it tries to help by offering a more in depth analysis of the characteristics that distinguish this type of food, which lead us to consume it more compulsively, especially during situations of emotional discouragement. This analysis starts by looking at the word that defines junk food, then goes on to trace back how it arrived to the present day and finally it explores the effects this food has on our mental and physical health. The book resemble those of a calendar, this is done to make the reader follow and relive the days of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic until the end by giving bites of information about junk food day by day.