Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

Dérive – to drift


BA Art Studio




The technique of Dérive was first introduced by the International Situationists and developed by Guy Debord.
Dérive guides through urban landscapes, without a goal. A drifting, a transient pas- sage through various environments, to wander and explore different spaces.
The individual lets go of all their original motives for movement, and wanders freely.
It is a performative act, during which the goal is to drop every intention to be drawn by the attractions of the space and the encounters that can be made, impressions and be led by chance.

In the quarantine situation, the involuntary restrictions we are facing, unable to go outside and practice the Dérive as we wish we could, we still can explore our `normal ́ habitat, the rooms we live in, the house, furniture, corners, and details.
We can translate the original urban environment into something else, something smaller, a sheet of paper, for example.
We can follow a Dérive simply in the drawing.
Creating the environment through lines and forms. Drawing with a pencil we can start with a line and follow it with the same mindset, free from any expectations and ideas. Slow and aware we can watch it in detail and let us be led by it.