Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

dĭrĭmo – Smart Working Curtain

Course topic/s

BA Product Design Project




Why​: ​Before quarantine, commute gave both physical and mental separation between home time and work life. Now that most people need to work from home, this doesn’t happen anymore: home and work life are now blended and this brought many side effects, like un-productivity. This need for a new kind of separation inspired us to develop dĭrĭmo.

What: ​Dĭrĭmo is a multipurpose curtain thought for smart-working that serves as both a window curtain and a room divider. Its main feature is the pattern of the fabric: origami-like folded pattern created on linen enhanced by natural dyes. Other than being a window curtain, it is thought to keep you away from distractions and it’s also a perfect background for video-calls.

When: ​Coronavirus gave us a different perspective on work: we learned how to work together even if we were not in the same place, to work in spaces not dedicated to it and with little material and tools.

Where and how​: ​We worked from our homes, in Mori and Bolzano. Luckily we were able to meet at the end of the project, but we still couldn’t produce a real model of our product because of the lack of tools.