Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

Flippy – children’s multi-use furniture


BA Product Design Project




Flippy is a piece of furniture designed for children. As the name suggests, its strength lies in the possibility of being flipped on all sides, giving kids the freedom to use it as they wish, as a table, a seat, a rocking chair and much more.

The structure of the object follows a c-like shape that allows different compositions, circular and otherwise, in which children are able to play, interact with each other and have fun. In the middle part of the object there is a central support which not only constitutes a structural part, but also functions as a backrest when children are sitting inside. This part also features a circular handle in the centre, which dimensions take into account safety measures for children. It is designed so that the object can be lifted and moved by adults, as it cannot be carried by kids because of security and density of the material, integral polyurethane. Even though the considerable weight, thanks to its large external curvatures, children are still able to flip the object and make it rock, using it at will but safely.