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Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

il raccolto dimenticato-un tentativo di ricordare

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BA Visual Communication Project




In my research, I observed that my generation has little connection to the food we eat every day. This is because we buy processed food, cook too quickly and unknowingly, and above all, have nothing to do with the growing and harvesting of our food. As a result, we become alienated from our food, which is one of the few physical connections we still have with nature. In many cultures, harvesting is accompanied by a celebration of gratitude. This book is a personal attempt to make harvesting as a process tangible again. I try to remember every little touch that my hands felt in my parents’ garden. It is a fragmentary memory that has also made me very aware of my own alienation from these simple processes. For me, it is important to rediscover these forgotten gestures in the future. They are more than just cognitive memories, they are our memories of our roots.