Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

Jerome Studio – home studio

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BA Product Design Project




“JEROME STUDIO” is a wooden furniture, designed to create an ideal studio for studying or smart working. It is a steady solution, assembled with 18 pieces, accessories and without a screw. It explores and rethinks relations and boundaries between the private, housing dimension of the home and the silent, professional and humanistic space of the studio.

This is a project meant for students and smart workers, from a student and smart worker. In fact, starting from the context of the lockdown, I developed the research around a design issue that me and my relatives personally experienced: the transition of the home into a working space. The covid-19 pandemic became an accelerator of all those processes of social evolution we ignored for too much time. On April 29th 2020 there were 1.8M active smart workers in Italy and 1.6M out of them were because of the pandemic (
What about the needs of this new generation of smart workers?

Managing space and time are among the biggest problems of a smart worker. It is not just a matter of organizing a comfortable and effective workplace, since this is often temporary. Private and professional life overlap in the same spaces and they soon become hard to keep separated.


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