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Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
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Pine Matters

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MA Practice Based Course




DIY material experiments using that a pine tree naturally leaves behind: pine cones, fresh and dry pine needles, and the smallest needle branches. All collected from the ground. With these materials, I have crossed three recipes: one based on water, glycerine and pectin, which produces a ductile, translucent layer with irregular texture; one consisting of water, glycerine, potato starch and vinegar, which results in an opaque semi-ductile material; and one using only water, oil and starch, which forms a paste that dries into a non-transparent, thought and strong matter.

Using green needles gives the samples a light green or yellow colour. Over months, some have turned more yellow or brown. Both the freshness of the ingredients and the pine species determine the fibrousness of the final material.

Possible future applications include seedling pots, lampshades and temporary biodegradable containers.