Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

Pizza Blossom

Course topic/s

MA Practice Based Course




by Marie Tirard, Beste Kilinc, Anna Schuierer

Pizza Blossom is a prototype made out of rose flowers, leaves, and pizza packaging cardboard. After our experiments with only rose petals and leaves, we realized that the leaves and the petals keep their waterproof quality when we keep them entire. We found it then interesting to create a material with a waterproof inner side, and with our trials with cooking and reforming pizza cardboard, we decided on an outside structure made out of cardboard.

Our prototype is formed from several different layers of petals, then leaves, and then cardboard. The first layer is a composition of entire flower petals, glued together with wet and mixed leaves. On top of this mixed leave layer, there is another layer of cardboard, which is also wet and torn into medium pieces. This layer’s aim is to keep the structure together. The inside of the cups- made out of flower petals- is waterproof. With this feature, we envision the cups to be used as vases for flowers, creating a cycle of use for out-of-date flowers and waste packaging.