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Typography and Graphics – Alice in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland doesn’t just talk through writing. Alice in Wonderland communicates with many languages such as mathematics, rhyme, word games and even music. Whereat times it is most evident, at other times we must sharpen our vision and ingenuity to try to understand the extent to which history can bring us.

Set off to the magnificent enchanted world of Alice along with the music that will accompany you throughout the journey in each chapter. Discover the wonders of Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece, let yourself be lulled by the melodies that sing of that fantastic country, follow also the White Rabbit beyond the entrance of the adventure.

A series of 3 extraordinary editions awaits you to tell you the True Story of Alice in Wonderland as you have never heard it.

Start your journey now: imagine 6 impossible things before breakfast and frame the QR code with your device.

Hurry! Time is running out! Have a good trip!