Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

Web and Media

Study Programme

MA Eco-Social Design


MA Practice Based Course



Summer semester

In the frame of media and web design, the course will focus on new integrated and transmedia practices that converge in the so-called “visual Journalism”. The trans-media concepts, basically extend the multi-media idea; it refers to those projects that narrate a single story through a distributed ecosystem of medium and platforms. In light of that, the visual journalism is an emergent practice that merges journalism, design and social sciences, to return the complexity of social phenomena to a wider public in a more entertaining and engaging way.

A visual journalism project is usually developed by an interdisciplinary group made by journalists, designers, and other experts, embedding a complex workflow that will not be part of the course. Indeed, the course is inspired by real practice but will mainly focus on the role designers have in the process. Providing the web and the motion design basic skills, the course will guide the students toward the designing of informative artefacts, which may open debates, raise awareness or inspire and activate a broader audience or a local population/community on multifaceted and complex issues. Following a user centred-design, students will design step by step their own websites and videos, focusing on the right visual and verbal language to affect, engage and inform their target users.