Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

Image and Text: From Representation to a New Politics of Seeing

Study Programme

BA Major Art


BA Art Studio



Winter semester

Since the advent of photography, the complex relationship between photographic image, text and politics has been embedded in photographic and artistic practices as well as critical discourses of photo theory. During the winter semester 2020/21 Studio Image explored the relationship between image, text and politics of communication. We examined a series of examples on a timeline running from the heyday of humanistic photography to the implications of today’s digital technologies.

The heart of this semester’s project is artistic projects that innovatively relate to text layers. The production of text and images is understood as exploratory activity, as knowledge-generating, self-resonant modes of exploration of the world. One central issue that has been explored is how the convergence of private and public spaces for thought, communication and action changes the relation of photographic image and textual information and thus contributes to new politics of seeing and communication.

WORTH A 1000 WORDS? offered the opportunity to intensively research into the thought and image worlds of photographic contexts. Through the lens of diverse topics we investigated how art processes can set in motion, subvert and transform social, political and media discourses.