Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

Designing for democracy

Study Programme

BA Major Design


BA Visual Communication Project



Summer semester

The project deals with visual graphic identities and visual communication in general for institutions. Which features characterize ‘corporate design’? In which sense do brand development and branding differentiate from it? What are the conceptional and visual criteria for the development of trademarks? A ‘visual identity’ design aims to express the significance and the image of an institution, thus making it recognizable in different media. This requires a graphic translation, which strives to be simple as well as adaptable. The relevance of the visual outcome is determined by the amount of flexibility attained despite the required uniformity.

In the studio, we work on different aspects of trademark design, visual communication and visual storytelling together with the provincial parliament. Our task: Have young people engage with and learn about parliamentary politics. Accompanied by thematic introductions and workshops, small teams will conceptionally and visually develop their ideas to a stage ready to be presented.

The course is designed for acquiring professional skills and knowledge.