Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

Social Interaction Design

Study Programme

MA Eco-Social Design


MA Practice Based Course



Summer semester

The course is diving into the topic of “Social Interaction” in an experimental manner and sets the focus on meaningful interactions, which enable social, political, and critical dialogue. After a general discussion about digitization and its impact on the eco-social transformation, we dive deep into the question of what the core of meaningful interaction is – and which approaches trigger discourse and action between humans and non-humans. In the course, systemic thinking and network analysis for the specific project goals are critically applied.
After the meta reflection, the course steps into the phase of making. With digital modular systems as Little Bits or Sam Labs, various approaches on how to construct rapid discussion artifacts are learned. Design research methods will help to express utopian and dystopian ideas in a materialized way. On the one side knowledge is gained by doing, testing, and building various prototypes, on the other side by analytical and critical reflection. In the digital semester setting, the course aimed at conceptional work expressed by a mockup conveying the message, as well as a two-minute video, showing the imagined either concrete or speculative interaction.

All projects you can see on this page and give feedback through this padlet.