Projects by the students of the
Bachelor Major in Art, Major in Design,
and the Master in Eco-Social Design

WUP - Product Design 20/21
Foundation Design Course 1st semester

Study Programme

BA Major Design


BA Design Warm-Up – Foundation Course



Winter semester

Design a tree (and learning how to make models)

Starting with recognizing a tree as a complex machine or object, like so many surrounding us and at the same time seeing it as the ideal machine or object – like so few around us… A kickoff discussion revolves around the complexity of all that surrounds us, the interconnectedness of almost everything, using ‘a tree’ and the natural world as an analogy to it all and a source for inspiration. Looking at a need for common language and terms, enabling us to exchange ideas…

We will start by questioning and posing questions, looking at the topic from the widest scope and trying to understand the ‘bigger picture’ while identifying the main actors and factors in and around our topic (‘A Tree’).

Further on we worked on how to extract “big ideas” and process tools to make those visible.

We started the project with an in-depth investigation trough the world of trees, we learned the importance of measuring taking data from our natural surrounding and translate them into 3D representations, we discovered the roles of colors and how to work with them, we practiced model making with different materials and level of complexity, to achieve the construction of a design proposal. Through the investigation, the study of functions and learning from the trees world, we got the tools to propose different industrial product and system solutions.


WUP Project Assistants – Product Design
the 1st-semester students of the Foundation Design Course WUP-PD were tutored by:

Ada Keller

Matthias Pötz